Posted by: Nelson Cienfuegos | January 12, 2008

Le Reve – The greatest show on earth

Le Reve

Last week when I was in Las Vegas for CES 2008, I experienced one of the most awesome, mind-blowing and spectacular shows that I have ever witnessed, it was definitely bigger, brighter and incredibly bolder than any of the other Las Vegas shows I had seen before. I went to see Le Reve – The greatest show on earth, Le Reve, meaning ‘the dream’ in French is exactly what I thought I was in when I witnessed this show at the Wynn Las Vegas. This is an awe inspiring hybrid performance that uses acrobatics, hydrolics, music, costume, flight and light, all on a virtual sea bed stage played out in a 1 million gallon pool on center stage, the pool itself acts as a source for reflecting the brilliant lights which simulate rain, snow and even fire.

Performers swim, dance and fly around within the aquatic arena in a seamless manner. The characters themselves are just as integral to the show as the dazzling effects. The soundtrack to the show is a musical journey in itself. It’s dramatic nature brilliantly highlights the action on stage. Between the sound, sight and visual effects, the reason of why the show had a certain similarity to my already favorite Cirque du Solei shows is because Le Reve was created by Cirque du Solei’s former creative director Franco Dragone.

The Wynn Las Vegas is one of most expensive and exclusive hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, Le Reve is a show like no other ever staged before, and it is housed at the amazing 2087 seat, dome like theater inside the hotel. Le Reve uses the most elaborate stage design, both aesthetically and mechanically to create an aquatic world illuminated by brilliant lights and inhabited by exotic creatures. With about 170 technicians that operate, navigate and support the 68 performers, this show did cost well over $40 million to produce.

I really enjoyed this masterpiece from beginning to end. Even if I were to describe its every detail, justice would not be done to convey its brilliance. Le Reve has made Las Vegas show history and has to be seen first hand to be believed. So next time you go to Las Vegas don’t miss Le Reve at the Wynn Las Vegas.

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Le Reve

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